Dining at Fellini’s, a romantic restaurant for two

A few nights ago my boyfriend had the wonderful idea of taking me to dinner at Fellini’s, a restaurant specialized in fish-based dishes in Via Ghibellina, right across from Teatro Verdi, in the Santa Croce area.
Needless to say, the name is a tribute to the famous film director Federico Fellini of whom the restaurant’s owner is a great admirer.

 Dining at Fellinis, a romantic restaurant for two

The first impression you get is of an elegant, classy restaurant. The space is not very large, making it ideal for a romantic dinner for two.

ingresso ristorante fellini Dining at Fellinis, a romantic restaurant for two

While the friendly host showed us to our table, my attention was immediately grabbed by a chandelier with a drape of fabric hung on which an old Fellini film is projected, probably La Dolce Vita“, though, not being a great connoisseur of the director, I’m not completely sure. Really striking!

dolce vita Dining at Fellinis, a romantic restaurant for two

While we looked through the menu, we were brought a small aperitif plate including a glass of sparkling wine and smoked salmon with a sauce of sun-dried tomatoes. A fantastic way to start our dinner! My boyfriend and I both decided to get a starter and a main course.

a cena da Fellini Dining at Fellinis, a romantic restaurant for two

I chose the “Carpaccio of red Sicilian shrimp with lime semifreddo and mint emulsion” and “Crispy tuna with soft cheese filling and Cetarese pesto of wild radicchio“. He got the “Roast octopus with snow peas and potato mousse on a crispy basket ” and ” Squid stuffed with roasted chicory and basil oil “.

calamari Dining at Fellinis, a romantic restaurant for two

Every dish was preceded by a brief explanation of all its ingredients.
I must say that I found it all excellent and plentiful, plus perfectly presented, especially my crunchy tuna, whose soft cheese filling made it really special!
Since I’m a teetotaler… or almost… the wine was chosen by my companion: a Müller Thurgau, white, of course, given the fish menu. Very good, he said! But if you are a lightweight with wine, be careful ordering it, because the waiter is always at the ready to fill your glass as soon as he sees it empty!

dolce Dining at Fellinis, a romantic restaurant for two

To round off the meal well, we had to leave a little room in our stomachs for a dessert to share: a “Tiramisu parfait with a heart of chocolate and coffee and natural strawberry sauce“.
You can tell how delicious it was just from the name!
At the end came the painful part: the bill!

menu Dining at Fellinis, a romantic restaurant for two

Obviously, you can’t expect it to be an expensive restaurant given the atmosphere, the menu, and the service, but I must say that it wasn’t too bad compared to other restaurants in the center of Florence.
If you want to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a special dinner, Fellini is definitely a fabulous choice!

Ristorante Fellini
Via Ghibellina 134
tel. 055 247 8898

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