Palazzo Strozzi: “The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia, and the East”

What’s the connection between icy Russia and the East? Up until yesterday I would have said “nothing”. But, after going to the new exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, I would answer this simple question with: endless connections! Through January 19, 2014 you can enjoy the new exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi “The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia and the East”.

Schermata 10 2456587 alle 21.21.51 Palazzo Strozzi: The Russian Avant garde, Siberia, and the East

Works by the great painter Kandinsky are juxtaposed with the masterpieces of other painters, such as Malevich, Filonov, and Goncharova, who may be less famous, but are no less fascinating.
The exhibition showed me how Eastern exoticism was a source of inspiration for Russian modernism, in which we can glimpse trends of Cubist inspiration, symbolism, Suprematism, and Constructivism in homage to the East. The colors in these works were an escape from the grayness of the cold steppes, and the dreariness of these places.

Schermata 10 2456587 alle 21.21.57 Palazzo Strozzi: The Russian Avant garde, Siberia, and the East

At the Strozzina there’s “Unstable Territory” Borders and Identity in Contemporary Art” is a journey through the works of ten contemporary artists and their “reportage” on instability in war-torn and other places, presented with an almost palpable ferocity. Talking about territory is a way of underscoring the spread of uncertainty and precariousness in shaping our lives. The artists recount their journeys in the balance between physical and symbolic territories. A true must-see to spend at least a couple of gorgeous hours immersed in deep ideas about the world.

foto Palazzo Strozzi: The Russian Avant garde, Siberia, and the East

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