Valentine’s Day in Florence

We’re coming up on February 14, St. Valentine’s Day, the day of love. What could be better than celebrating it by spending a weekend in one of the world’s most romantic cities? Florence is postcard perfect for couples to walk hand-in-hand on the Ponte Vecchio. You could rent a car and take a spin through the hills of Chianti. Or perhaps toast with a glass of fine red wine in one of Florence’s many restaurants with a sweeping view of the city. There’s good reason that many men choose Florence as the perfect place to declare their eternal love!

Here are a few ideas if you’re spending Valentine’s Day in Florence.

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Looking for a special, very exclusive place to toast your love? Only 35 people are given the chance to climb Torre di Arnolfo (Piazza della Signoria) and take a tour of the historic round walkway, at the end of which you can raise a glass to love while enjoying a view of all of Florence. €14 including drink.

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If you’d rather a special museum tour, try the “Venus&David” tour that combines the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Galleria. Visit Florence’s two museums holding the most famed works of Italian Renaissance art, Botticelli’s Venus and Michelangelo’s David. The tour will take place on Friday, February 14th, Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th, 2014. With Florence Pass.

Need an idea for a restaurant for your romantic dinner?

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In Florence’s center, you might try Frescobaldi Wine Bar in Piazza Signoria for refined Florentine cuisine with quality ingredients (all from Italy, many organic), paired with Frescobaldi’s own excellent wines. The wine list includes excellent bottles as well as by-the-glass options.

If you’ve got a car and want to drive through Settignano’s hills (where the famed Italian poet D’annunzio courted the actress Eleonora Duse), the Sosta del Rossellino restaurant will dazzle you with its homestyle cooking in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The view from the terrace is sublime.

Do you like your restaurants star-studded? The Ora d’Aria restaurants awaits you, a hop and a skip from Ponte Vecchio, with a contemporary atmosphere and a large visible kitchen. Its young chef, Marco Stabile, will astonish you with his elaborate dishes of absolute perfection.

How about a special before-dinner drink and bite to eat? Il Santino, in the Oltrarno, in the style of a tapas bar, features a very small space (just three tables), serving up salami and other meats to go with a glass of wine. If you’re still hungry you can walk one door down to the Osteria del Santo Bevitore restaurant. This trattoria, set in historic stables, will treat you to a special, candle-lit dinner.

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