Cucina Torcicoda

A few weeks ago our co-worker Claudio retired. To celebrate we all went out to dinner at a nice restaurant that recently changed management and was completely renovated. The restaurant is called “Cucina Torcicoda”.

cucina torcicoda arredamento Cucina Torcicoda

The restaurant is in the vibrant Santa Croce neighborhood, around the corner from the Santa Croce church. The restaurant is enormous. The manager Johanna told us that it is almost 1,000 square meters. I would have never guessed its size by the entrance in a narrow street called Via Torta and because you first come into a small room rather than a large space.

cucina torcicoda pizza Cucina Torcicoda

The owners cater to every kind of taste by dividing it into five different areas, including an osteria, a restaurant, a pizzeria, and a gelateria (with a fabulous chocolate fountain) and a shop of local food and wine specialties.

cucina torcicoda salottino Cucina Torcicoda

We took a tour of the premises. I must say it certainly has a warm, inviting atmosphere. The basement has a wine cellar and a lovely small room with sofas and armchairs arranged around a fireplace.

The restaurant is definitely not lacking in wine. You’ll find it not only on the table, but anywhere you rest your eyes. Bottles of every kind of wine are tidily displayed all around the restaurant and add a lot to its pleasant atmosphere.

vini cucina torcicoda Cucina Torcicoda

As this was our first time here, we put ourselves in the hands of the chef and maitre d’, and I must say we were not disappointed. We had a tasting menu with both meat and fish, including a selection of three appetizers paired with a crisp sparkling wine from Alto Adige, three first courses with a nice Tuscan white wine, three main courses with an excellent red Sicilian wine, and we topped it off with three desserts, a coffee and a digestif. Everything was delicious and the presentation was also done very well. Unfortunately, we were so absorbed in enjoying our food that we forgot to take pictures until we’d already gotten to dessert.

cucina torcicoda 1 Cucina Torcicoda

The service was fast and friendly. Ciro, our very professional waiter, was very thorough in his descriptions of the food we were served.

cucina torcicoda lo staff Cucina Torcicoda

As a big fan of Florentine steak, I really appreciated that the menu featured four different types of Florentine steak so you can try different kinds of meat.

The prices are in keeping with the usual in Florence. Like in many restaurants, the cost of the dinner varies a lot depending on the wine you choose. The menu highlights dishes for vegetarians and those with celiac disease.

Schermata 02 2456714 alle 13.00.34 Cucina Torcicoda

To sum up, if you are looking for a restaurant with a warm, relaxing atmosphere, helpful, friendly staff and a vast selection of wines and different types of cuisine, make haste and get to Cucina Torcicoda.

cucina torcicoda dietro al bancone Cucina Torcicoda

Cucina Torcicoda


Piazza S. Croce area
English translation by Miriam Hurley

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