Now opening in Florence: RED

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Florence, which has been proving itself quite dynamic. Many new businesses are opening shop here and many feature impressively innovative concepts for our little city.

Just two days ago, the first floor of San Lorenzo’s Central Market opened with a spanking-new contemporary space where you can enjoy all kinds of culinary delights, like pizza, mozzarella, meat and fish.The location is so fabulous it holds its own with the likes of Covent Garden!More about that in another post.

Schermata 04 2456773 alle 11.54.40 Now opening in Florence: RED

Today we want to tell you about the new RED bookstore in Piazza della Repubblica, which opened in mid-April.Once there had been a different bookstore there, which closed down.After many dormant months, finally RED is here to revive the space!Part of the Feltrinelli Group, one of Italy’s major publishing groups, RED is a new concept for a bookstore. Alongside books there are events, music, exhibitions, and, most excitingly, the chance to eat.

Schermata 04 2456773 alle 11.56.27 Now opening in Florence: RED

The menu runs the gamut from traditional options like Florence’s famed lampredotto to mixed platters, pasta dishes and pizzas. Many products can be purchased to enjoy at home, including a decent wine selection.

Carefully selected suppliers, nice decor, comfortable chairs and the option of using tablets make RED a place to spend hours relaxing over a book or snacking on something tasty.

Schermata 04 2456773 alle 11.57.09 Now opening in Florence: RED

Open every day from 9 am to 11 pm.

Info: http://www.lafeltrinelli.it

Photo credits: Claudio Giovannini/cge fotogiornalismo CGE fotogiornalismo

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