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Historic Florentine Soccer

One of the traditions in Florence that made the biggest impression on me when I moved here ten years ago was definitely Historic Florentine Soccer. This age-old tournament, which Florentines take very seriously, takes place in the Piazza di Santa Croce in June in the days before June 24th, when we celebrate Saint John, the city's patron saint and when the final is played. Florence's four historic districts fight it out for the coveted prize, a white Chianina calf: The Whites (Bianchi) of

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From the Renaissance to contemporary art showcased at Palazzo Strozzi

I consider Palazzo Strozzi is one of the most beautiful Italian Renaissance palazzi. It's majestic, but still fits well between the Piazza Strozzi and Via Tornabuoni. Its charming interior courtyard is a nice place to meet friends and enjoy a break after visiting the many exhibits that the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi puts on. Right now you can enjoy ”The Spring of the Renaissance”: an exhibition of 140 masterpieces, mostly sculptures, from around the world. This extraordinary event is in

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A dinner in a traditional Tuscan trattoria near Ponte Vecchio

Recently my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. For the special occasion, we decided to dine at "Celestino", a traditional Florentine restaurant in the historic center, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti. The restaurant is in a historic building, known as the Torre degli Ubriachi (Tower of Drunks). The rooms' historic vaulted ceilings are spectacular with splendid original frescoes. The Celestino restaurant goes way back, all the way to 1872! It is located in Piazza

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A museum for the little ones (and grown ups too)

A few days ago I went with my 9-year-old daughter to the "Museo dei Ragazzi" (Kid's Museum) located inside Palazzo Vecchio, in the very center of Florence. It's not a museum in the regular sense. It's a series of activities, routes, and guided tours in the Palazzo covering the building's different historical eras from its creation on. It is suitable for adults and families with children four years and up. Reservations are required by phone or email as the activities have a set schedule. They

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Chef Tommaso Calonaci racconta il menu "La Brace", creato in occasione di Fuori di Taste e disponibile presso il nostro ristorante La Buona Novella fino a questa sera. ...

Taste Firenze inizia domani ma già da stasera siamo a Firenze. Per cena siamo stati da La Buona Novella, il ristorante del Grand Hotel Minerva, per provare il menù “La Brace” ideato dallo chef Tommaso Calonaci. I piatti sono nati dalla convinzione che i profumi e i sapori che scaturiscono dalla cottura alla brace facciano parte del nostro background gustativo

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In occasione del Fuori di Taste, il 9 e il 10 Marzo, Chef Tommaso Calonaci propone "La Brace". Un menu che nasce dall’esaltazione di un sapore familiare, quello della brace, che si riscopre in abbinamenti insoliti, freschi e persino dolci. In collaborazione con Koppert Cress.
Info & prenotazioni: | +39 05527230

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