“Al Fresco” restaurant

As the days are growing longer and warmer, it feels great to be outdoors. So I decided to invite an old friend to dine out and the surest-bet was the wonderful terrace of Grand Hotel Minerva’s “Al Fresco” restaurant!

We were kindly offered glasses of prosecco by the friendly staff who brought us the menu to have something to pass the time while making our selection.


The menu is easy to read and perfect for summer. The selection is varied yet simple (this is how I like my menus, as it lets you zoom right in on the most lip-smacking dishes).


For an appetizer I chose the fresh beef tartar with crispy vegetables, and my friend chose the marinated salmon. Beautiful, sophisticated presentation is matched by generous portions, just the right amount to be satisfied and fully taste the dish you chose.

Next we had some the potato tortelli with artichokes and tagliolini pasta with zucchini and scampi tails. Delicious!


To finish off on a sweet note, we chose mascarpone cream with strawberries and mixed berry tart.


Definitely not a traditional Tuscan trattoria, I’d recommend this restaurant to everyone looking to spend a relaxing evening enjoying good food and excellent customer service…coffee served on a tray with cantuccini cookies is a little special attention that will surely leave you delighted with having chosen this place!


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