Christmas Presents in Florence

We’re down to the last few days before Christmas…got all your presents? If you are still looking for an idea for a loved one, consider some of these special Christmas gifts you can find in Florence. We want to tell you about special places in the center of Florence, places that you can’t find just anywhere!


Let’s start with a place quite close to our hotel. There is a historic English “herbalist’s shop” in Via Tornabuoni where you can find beauty products of the highest quality, such as essences, perfumes, bath foams, creams and candles — all made from natural ingredients. A suggestion? Essence of lavender from Chianti, straight from Castellina in Chianti. You have to have a sharp eye to spot it “hidden” behind the magnificent Palazzo Larderei.


Check out the new Richard Ginori 1735 shop, a historic maker of white (and other color) porcelain whose roots date back to 1735. The new decor was designed by Riccardo Barthel, a key figure in Florence interior design (famed for his kitchens). The store has a large display of dishes, teapots, cups, and trays made by Ginori, one of the oldest names in the business, recently acquired by the Gucci Group. How about a gift whose unique style makes it last forever!


One of the gifts women love best… a piece of jewelry! Some of the world’s most renowned jewelers are found in the center of Florence, the likes of Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany, all concentrated between Via Tornabuoni and Piazza Strozzi. You won’t be able to resist taking a peak. Or you might take a stroll on Ponte Vecchio and look for inspiration in the old goldsmiths’ windows….


Another place we have mentioned often on our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) is the Antica Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella, where centuries of knowledge and skill have been passed down about making perfumes, soaps and essences — knowledge once the exclusive heritage of the friars of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.

Or if you’re a food lover, you might stop by Eataly — opened in January of this year — and stock up on high quality food and wine, perhaps some truffle, a bottle of wine, cookies from Prato, a locally made panettone— traditional Italian Christmas cake — or a special jam.


If you get a craving for something sweet, take a break in one of Piazza della Repubblica’s cafes, like Gilly, and enjoy a nice thick hot chocolate.

And don’t neglect a stop at La Rinascente, a large department store selling clothing, houseware and lingerie, whose lit-up facade certainly can’t be missed…


English translation by Miriam Hurley

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