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This is the first welcome that everyday, our front desk staff gives to the guests, who enter into our hotel in Florence.
But our receptionists go further than this: they offer suggestions for living Florence at its best, they help tourists to make a reservation for a museum or a monument, they operate to find the perfect restaurant according to guests’ needs.
They try to answer with passion and devotion to all the questions they receive from people, in order to let everybody enjoy his stay and have a memorable holiday.

This is the reason we have decided to launch a blog: a virtual place for offering the same service to all the tourists coming to Florence every year. This blog is not supposed to be an “official” guide of Florence. It is thought to be – in our intentions! – a sincere and appassionate help to discover the very best of Florence. Recommendations come from our direct knowledge: we will never talk about a place or a service we have never tried. But they are also the result of many years of tourist’s care and hospitality.

I am Rodolfo, the Front Office Manager, and I will introduce you to my collegues. They will tell you all the cool things to do in Florence.

What will our blog deal with? Florence shopping and attractions, restaurants and clubs, exhibitions and events… but we will tell you also some small curiosities and unknown hidden gems.

Obviously we will mention events: what’s on in Florence during the months; our city is enjoyable in every period of the year!

If you have any specific question or if you would like to know something about visiting and sightseeing Florence, our Concierge will be pleased to answer to your questions, even the weirds!



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Ultimi ritocchi alle nuove camere. Ancora qualche giorno e saranno perfette!

Last touches to the new rooms. A few more days and they will be perfect!

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Buonasera ho trovato questa foto in un archivio spero vi faccia piacere... ...

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Fuori di Taste 2017 - C'era una grano ...e per finire in bellezza Pane, olio e cioccolato

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