I Medici

After Inferno, Florence finds itself once again a big screen star.

On October 18, RAI 1 broadcast the world premiere of the first episode of the TV series “The Medici” and it’s already a huge hit.

A major international production with a star-studded cast, it features the likes of Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman and the acclaimed Richard Madden, star of the TV series Game of Thrones.


In eight episodes, for now it is being broadcast only in Italy, but it will be sold internationally soon and you can expect to see it come to TVs worldwide.

The story focuses on the life of Cosimo de’ Medici, successor of Giovanni, charged with the difficult task of running the family’s ultra rich powerful bank, obstructed by old Florentine nobility who considered him an upstart.


The series’ main ingredients? Political intrigue, power, nobility, war, money, art, beauty, ambition, and…we need hardly say, love!

The Renaissance — the era that made Florence great worldwide — serves as the backdrop on which the story unfolds.
Florence’s most famed symbol — Brunelleschi’s wonderful dome — was built thanks to Cosimo de’ Medici’s patronage and looms large in many scenes in the series, making it something of a co-star in the story.


The crew worked for 18 weeks on location mainly in Florence, where it was allowed to film inside historical sites, such as Palazzo Vecchio, the Basilica of San Lorenzo, the Bargello, the Baptistery, and the Duomo.

Other scenes were shot in Rome (including Villa Adriana) Montepulciano, Pistoia, the Val d’Orcia, and in Pienza, where Palazzo Piccolomini was used as Palazzo Medici.

A second series has already been written that will focus on the life of Lorenzo il Magnifico, the great patron of arts and the absolute leader of the heyday of the Florentine Renaissance…What can we say? We can’t wait to see it!

English translation by Miriam Hurley

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