Inferno. Dan Brown tour.

Dan Brown, a famous author of books where historical fiction and thrillers meet, chose Florence as the setting for his latest blockbuster, Inferno. The gripping novel once again follows the adventures of Professor Robert Langdon (from The Da Vinci Code) as he goes on a manhunt plus a hunt for an object connected to Dante Alighieri.



 If you’ve read the book, you can trace Langdon’s adventures through the places described by Brown in this work that pays homage to the Divine Comedy‘s great poet.

Here at Minerva we decided to take the Inferno tour with Made of Tuscany, and it was a blast. We discovered things we didn’t even know about our beautiful Florence!

Our guide Susanna was fantastic in getting into the roles, reading some just like an actress!


There are two types of tours, a shorter one and a longer one that includes places not normally open to tourists.

The tour includes the false ceilings of the Salone del Cinquecento, where Vayentha is the mysterious main character.

salone500It goes in the Baptistery of Florence, where a secret is hidden in the fountain, and we find important clues in Beatrice Portinari’s church.

Duration: 2 hours

Every saturday afternoon at 3.00 pm

All in all, a fun tour and a new way to see Florence’s monuments. We suggest it!

Edit: we made this tour in June, 2013. At the end of 2016 Inferno the Movie, with Tom Hanks, is in theaters. A new reason to replicate this experience!



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