Le Fonticine: a good dining experience

Last night, I had the great pleasure of dining in a restaurant smack dab in Florence’s center. Off of the city’s more crowded streets, by the famous Mercato Centrale of San Lorenzo, “Le Fonticine” is well worth a try.

When I came into the restaurant, the first impression wasn’t that great as there was just a small dining area with four little tables. But then I went down a little hallway and by an open kitchen with an inviting warm hearth and came to a large dining area with wooden beams on the ceiling and porcelain plates hanging from the walls, rustic and inviting. What a lovely surprise!

fonticine vino

To get things underway, I chose an excellent house wine to sip while I looked over the menu.


I started the dinner with a two first courses: a mouth-watering duck pici pasta, rigatoni with white sauce, somewhat less to my liking, maybe because overly cooked for my tastes, as I am a big fan of al dente!

Then came a cut of chicken with shaved Parmesan and balsamic vinegar. Fabulous! But for a meat-lover like me, without a doubt, the highlight was the Florentine steak.

la bistecca numerata

The presentation was particularly striking: a card with the number of the steak I’d ordered, its weight (no surprises when it came time to pay) and an explanation of how best to cook the steak. It was a complete guide for those who want to cook it at home… and that’s definitely not me… I like to eat it out!

Last but not least, I had to satisfy my sweet tooth with a sampler of three desserts: a chocolate cake, a cheesecake, and a blueberry cake… sorry, I don’t have any pictures. My belly has no patience!
To chase it all down, I had a house grappa and Pelino candies, made by the “La Fonte del Confetto”, a candy maker that has been in Florence for over 40 years.

For an idea of the prices:

fonticine menu

For a delicious meal in a warm setting :“Le Fonticine” is a fantastic choice!
Ristorante Le Fonticine
Via Nazionale 79/r
tel. 055 282106


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