Monalys: a little piece of heaven

Today, instead of talking about museums, monuments or restaurants, let’s talk about a different sort of place — one that cultivates our beauty, starting from the Tuscan land.


At 13r on Via Maggio is Officina Cosmetica Monalys. What’s that? It’s a one-of-a- kind place where beauty products are made to order based on a careful study of your skin.


After a long, tiring day of shopping and visiting museums…here’s the chance to pamper yourselves and your skin in this little piece of heaven in the middle of Florence.


Monalys’ creator and owner is Stefano Rossi. He believes that each of us is special and worth creating custom-made beauty products just for us, like a tailored Haute Couture piece. Et voilà!


I was ushered into this magnificent world by Elisabetta, a very friendly and highly skilled beauty consultant. She laid out the three basic phases to create a beauty product just for you.


Their line is based on three main products: skin cream, facial serum and eye serum.


First things first: you are asked such details as your name, age, lifestyle and diet. This all helps to study your environment and your physical and mental state.


Next is a more objective testing of your skin. A mini-camera is placed on your face for an in-depth check-up of your skin’s strengths and weaknesses.

The last step is making a cream/serum, based on plant stem cells, just for you, in the on-site laboratory.

At the end of the session, you’ll be given a beauty ID card with all the features of your skin.


Another exciting thing about Monalys are the great selection of room fragrances that can be customized by combining up to three types of fragrances.


The ones I liked the best myself were the simply marvelous essences of Chianti wine and Monalys cream.

No doubt about it — it is well worth finding 20 minutes of your time to pamper yourself at the Monalys laboratory!


Via Maggio, 13, 50125 Firenze

tel: 055 906 0060


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  • Ana
    August 29, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    This little heaven….It is fantasticccc!!!!!!!!



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Magic from our rooftop terrace.
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