New Fall Menu

Here is the new Fall Menu of our restaurant La Buona Novella: the chef’s desire is to use the seasonal ingredients to add value to his cuisine, while prosecuting in experimenting new dishes. As you can understand from his words:

chef-tommaso-calonaci“I try to respect the rule of contrasts in every dish. This is something of a dogma for me.
When you bring together cold and hot, soft and crunchy, or sweet and savory, the palate is
stimulated and its reaction is stronger. The Caprese is an example of this — it’s a very
simple dish that I make working with those contrasts that every good dish ought to have —
the hot tomato cream and the cold buffalo milk ice cream, the soft cream and the crunchy
basil crumble, the savory cream and the slightly sweet ice cream.
Likewise, I like to add small amounts of salt to my desserts. My cocoa crumble for example
is slightly salty and I always add Maldon salt flakes to the yogurt ice cream.
I also consider it essential to give an acidic note to the dessert, like when I add crushed
raspberries to the extra virgin olive oil chocolate mousse. Adding salt or an acidic note to a
dessert keeps the palate’s attention and avoids boring it.”


This is the menu:

  • Gorgonzola on spoon, cream of doyenne pears and polenta
  • Marinated Salmon Trout, fennel cream, crispy tapioca, caviar and lime flavored mayonnaise
  • Roots, lemon, capers on sweet – sour sauce
  • Beef Carpaccio with soya sauce, baked and smoked pumpkin, pomegranate and bitter salad


  • Poached egg with mushroom consommé and roasted chestnut
  • Francesina: Ravioli stuffed with veal tongue, onion sauce, licorice powder, pepper and lemon
  • Spaghetti Pastificio “Mancini” garlic, olive oil and chili powder with turnip, anchovies from the Cantabrico Sea and bread crumbs
  • Rice, celery roots, Brunet from Piemonte and olive powder


  • Beef cheek, Jerusalem artichokes, raisins and coffee sauce
  • Pigeon on cauliflower cream and sweet – strong base
  • Polpo “all’uccelletto”: Octopus in tempura on a Zolfini Bean stew, spicy salami flavored mayonnaise
  • Autumnal vegetables on chestnut cream
  • San Marzano tomato Bruschetta with basil and origan
  • Home-made tagliatelle with bolognese sauce
  • Classic T-bone steak florentine style € 5,5 each Hg


  • Tomato Bruschettas
  • Penne with butter
  • Home-made tagliatelle with bolognese sauce € 15
  • Spaghetti with tomatoes
  • Grilled chicken with fries fried potatoes
  • Beef hamburger served with fried potatoes
  • Mixed ice cream


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