Xmas Party at the Grand Hotel Minerva

As is our yearly tradition, we organized a special day at Grand Hotel Minerva to wish our guests, partners and friends a very happy Christmas and New Year. This year’s Christmas event was last Sunday, December 15.

The city was teeming and dressed up for Christmas; it was 15 C degrees out with clear skies and a sun warming Florence in all its splendor.

Grand Hotel Minerva Firenze

At about 4 pm, just as our guests were arriving, I was on the hotel’s top floor where our terrace is nestled amidst the red roofs of Florence, right in front of the Duomo. I couldn’t resist stopping to look out for a moment to enjoy this spectacular view, which is always just as breathtaking as the first time I saw it!

Soon the hotel’s lobby was full with the curious faces of guests coming in from the winter chill and getting warmed up by the cozy, Christmas atmosphere with pleasant music in the background.

Hall Grand Hotel Minerva Firenze

We decided to give you the present of an afternoon of physical and mental well-being, full of delights on every level!

A beauty salon on our sofas

Women and girls could get a manicure with their favorite nail polish color and a styling including make-up by Massimiliano Dimaiuta’s staff.

Soon it was like a big living room filled with old friends, wonderful scents and conversations. Those waiting their turns got suggestions from the staff and guests on their look, sipping some spumante or snacking on a little pastry from our master chef.

It was really lovely seeing you all laugh and chat while the staff took care of you!

Bubbles and delicacies

In the dining room, delicacies were served with cool drinks, wines, and spumante, and, of course, a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

The tables overflowing with food, decked with original, Christmas settings were a delight for eyes and mouths alike!

At the beginning, everyone seemed undecided as they observed the food-laden tables where to begin (I couldn’t help but start from the bomboloni alla crema (cream-filled pastries)) The options ran the gamut from sweet to savory, and simple, delicious foods to true masterpieces of culinary art.

Just to make your mouth water a bit, I’ve included some pictures to pay homage to the delicious beauty of the pastries, donuts, cakes, mousses, salty snacks, and sandwiches that our chef made for us.

The laughter and games of the children in the room next door were joined by the sound of adults conversing. The kids ran around like crazy, having fun with the entertainment staff.

What a great atmosphere!

It filled us with joy to see you relaxed and happy on this afternoon at the Grand Hotel Minerva. We watched you take pictures to remember the day while you had your hair done and, happy with your choices, savored your plates full of good things to eat!

Xmas Party at the Grand Hotel Minerva

Thank you all from all of us for coming and for your warmth. We wish you a merry Christmas and hope to see you again soon!

The staff

English translation by Miriam Hurley

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