The Medici Dynasty Show

For those of you who want to get to know Florence in depth and go beyond just admiring its artworks to learn how Florence came to be the cradle of the Renaissance — “The Medici Dynasty Show” has come to Florence.
“The Medici Dynasty Show” is a 50-minute show in English, with two excellent actors supported by videos and other multimedia to take us over the history of the Medici family and the city of Florence. The Medici family’s brilliant foresight and patronage made the fame of our immortal city.



The show was made to let the multitudes of tourists who flock to Florence every day, enamored of its art, learn about the origins of what that they will see in our wonderful museums, churches and palazzi.
The two talented actors play the Grand Duke Gian Gastone and his sister Anna Maria Luisa, who in 1737, just before the death of the last heir, managed to save the Medici family’s artistic legacy through the “family pact.” This pact with the Lorraine family (who had replaced them in Florence) provided that the artworks would stay in Florence and be the legal property of every Florentine.



Starting with the family’s waning, the two characters remember the great glories over the centuries in which their forebears commissioned works to the greatest artists of the Modern Age. Every memory is projected through images and videos, turning the walls of the library of San Giovannino dei Padri Scolopi into a window on the past.



This show is a must-go before visiting Florence if you want to understand and deeply appreciate what you will see. This one-of-a-kind experience awaits you.



Wednesday through Sunday at 7:00 PM.

Piazza San Lorenzo 6

Tickets: €29 (€20 for students under 25 years old)

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