Toscana ‘900 exhibition

Villa Bardini is one of Florence’s most beautiful, hidden-away locations, and it would be worth visiting if only for its wonderful scenic position — you can get a shot of Florence’s Duomo from a perfect perspective — and its Italian-style garden is considered among the ten finest in Italy.

And now, only at this time of year, there is even more reason to visit — the Toscana ‘900 exhibition, open throughout the Christmas season until January 10, 2016, organized by the Region of Tuscany and the Piccoli Grandi Musei project.


For this short period only, you will have a special chance to admire some paintings and works of art that usually can’t be seen by the public at large.

The exhibition brings together collection of paintings, statues, drawings and objects that come from banks, art institutes, libraries and private collections.


Hanging in the first rooms are some great works that normally loom large on the walls of the executive offices of a prestigious Tuscan bank. These artists from the early 20th century used their talent to tell the story of Florence and Italy of their time.

In a small intimate room you can see fine portraits and hand drawings, usually hidden away in the archives of the Gabinetto Vieusseux.

In the room with works loaned by the famous National Library of Florence, you can enjoy browsing through some uncommon Futurist books, illustrated by Dalì and Mirò, or “decorated” by Andy Warhol.


And there’s more. Coming to Florence to study the art of drawing was considered virtually mandatory for many centuries. Important artists came through Florence’s most eminent schools, as teachers and students alike. You can scarcely imagine how many masterpieces are hidden in the depths of the Institute of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts.
.. A visit to this exhibition will give you just a hint.


The most exclusive part of the exhibition is its final section.
Imagine being able to visit the home of a wealthy, sophisticated Florentine collector, an art lover, with plenty of disposable income…


About 25 Florentine families opened the doors to their homes and loaned paintings that usually adorn the living rooms, kitchens or hallways of their magnificent Florentine homes.
This chance is beyond rare — you can see a De Chirico, a Morandi, or a Picasso, works that hang in no museum in the world, but usually decorate the walls of an apartment in the center of Florence!
You can get an idea from pictures of the homes from which the artworks originated.

We suggest visiting the exhibition with a guided tour (every weekend, free).
Available in English (upon request)

Toscana 900. From Rosai to Burri. Innovative itineraries through Florentine collections.
Until January 10, 2016
Open from Tuesday to Sunday.


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